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National News

Republicans and the Welfare State

Hiring the Perpetually Offended

National Headlines

Deputizing America

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Wisconsin News

Study: High Tax Burden is Driving People Out of Wisconsin

State Business

Raising Goats in Wisconsin

0507 Letters to the Editor

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World News

World Headlines

World Headlines

The Economics of Scottish Secession

World Headlines

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Eau Claire News

Judge Issues Decision in Amish Building Permit Case

Hurting Yourself Versus Hurting Others

Very Little Voter Fraud Locally

The Case of the Confluence Spin

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Business News

Buy and Fold?

Business Headlines

The Amazing Crash in Clothing Prices

Business Headlines

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Religious News

Willie Lear the Substitute

Reflections on Robin William's Suicide

All Atheists Are Immoral

Religion Headlines

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Answers to the Issues

"Who Killed the Family"

Who Killed the Family is the title of a book that is soon going to press.  It is by Phyllis Schlafly, whose…

Status Tends To Cover Up Errors

The recent trauma in Ferguson, Missouri has everyone talking.  Did the police over step their boundaries by not…

Local Officials Hide Behind State Laws

This is not the first time we have written on this, but it needs to be said over and over until it finally…

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