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National News

National Headlines

Are We a Couch Potato Nation?

Another 10 Books That Changed the World

Rand Paul vs. Rick Perry on Foreign Policy: A 2016 Preview

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Wisconsin News

Wisconsin Headlines

Former Local Math Teacher Develops Homeschool Curriculum

0506 Letters to the Editor 1

State Headlines

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World News

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The Economics of Scottish Secession

World Headlines

Fighting Worsens in Ukraine; Russian Troops Massing on Border

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Eau Claire News

Decentralizing Your City and County

Official Review: A Monthly Political Review of a Local Leader

The Plight of the Amish Is Still in Limbo

Eau Claire City Assessors Violate Wisc. Statutes

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Business News

The Amazing Crash in Clothing Prices

Business Headlines

The Cost of Marriage and Divorce

Business Headlines

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Religious News

Christians, Love Israel and the Palestinians

A Solemn Warning to All of Us

Religion Headlines

A Tribute to My Father

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Answers to the Issues

We Are Pro-Government

From time to time, it comes to us that our newspaper is anti-government.  Nothing could be further from the…

Private Schoolers Are Charged Double

There are many people in our Chippewa Valley who have their children schooled privately.  This includes parochial…

MedicAid - Is It Necessary?

Recently a woman stopped me on the street wanting to talk politics.  She had overheard a conversation I was having…

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