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National News

National Headlines

Why You Shouldn't Trust the U.S. News Media

Lies About Obamacare: Are You Really Surprised?

What Does The Republican Victory Mean?

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Wisconsin News

"Wastebook" Finds $25 Billion in Ridiculous Federal Spending

State Headlines

24 Marathon County Deputies and Armored Vehicle Collect Fine from 75 Year Old

Can Gov. Walker Still Defend Marriage?

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World News

The Markets of Lagos, Nigeria

World Headlines

World Headlines

World Headlines

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Eau Claire News

Adopting Children Locally May Be an Answer

EC Public Schools, Veterans Day, and the 21 Gun Salute

Chippewa County Sheriff Has a Drone

Should Eau Claire County Own More Land?

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Business News

An Economic Collapse is Coming

Business Headlines

Business Headlines

OPEC Continues to Unravel as Oil Prices Drop

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Religious News

City Blocks Christians from Witnessing to Gang Members

Jesus Christ: The Star of Jacob

Bible's Answer to Third World Problems

Was World Created 6,028 Years Ago?

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Answers to the Issues

Judging Others Accusation Simply Unfounded

We are all aware of this colloquialism.  Don't judge others we are told over and over.  Of course, those types…

Say Merry Christmas - Or Else!

I do not oppose boycotts as long as they are serious.  If a company financially supports killing babies (some do)…

Save the Police from Emergencies

No, pun was not intended. Rather, the title was intended to address a matter that many see and observe on a regular…

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