Friday, April 29th, 2016  |  10:18 PM

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National News

America's First Trillion Dollar Bureaucracy

USA Headlines

The School Gender Conundrum

Seattle’s Gun Violence Tax

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Wisconsin News

Agenda Filmmaker Coming to River Falls

Does Adultery Matter?

Senator Johnson on Supreme Court Battle

Wisconsin Headlines

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World News

Cell Phones and the Failures of Government-Run Telecommunications

World Headlines

World Headlines

France to Shut Down 100 to 160 Mosques

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Eau Claire News

Local Giving Is Still Best

Meet Real Meat at Mike’s

Why Boundaries Are Essential

Letters to the Editor

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Business News

Are CEOs Weakening Their Companies? Why Are They Buying Stock At A Market Peak?

Obamacare Forcing 'Trans' Issue on Corporate America

The Nightmare of Hiring Any Sort of Household Help

Business Headlines

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Religious News

Why Government Cannot Be Trusted

Why No Born-Again Christian Will Sit on Supreme Court

Bible Teacher Releases New Book on Living Skillfully

A Unique Oil Man in a Tough Business

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Answers to the Issues

Transgender Arguments Miss the Point

While listening to two opposing commentators answer Don Lemon of CNN, it became clear both were missing the point. …

Why the Divisiveness?

[A]ny change in policy impacts one or another group of voters in very noticeable ways. And because of this, our…

End of Life Care Confused by Government Healthcare

I am not condoning government death panels, but they by default must exist if one chooses to have the government pay for…

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