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National News

Hospitals Seizing Custody Rights to Children

Have Children Become Unteachable?

National Headlines

Public Schools Recreating Government Approved Children

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Wisconsin News

Lessons of a Real Legacy

State Headlines

Host of Ballot Integrity Bills Move Through the Legislature

Seed and Plant Companies Getting Busy

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World News

North Korean Prisoners' Drawings Reveal Torture

Homosexuals and Muslims Vie for Canada's Most Oppressed Class

World Headlines

Ghost Ship Adrift for a Year

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Eau Claire News

Model Train Classics in Downtown Eau Claire

Sheriff's Department "Excessively" Militarized

"Innocent until Proven Guilty" is Dead in Eau Claire County

Most Offenders Should Not Be in County Jails

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Business News

The Three Phases of a Bull Market

The Three Phases of a Bull Market

Business Headlines

America's Underground Economy

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Religious News

Driving Evolutionists Crazy - China's Jurassic Park Yields Major Dinosaur Find - Includes Skin And Feathers!

Why Are Christians the World's Most Persecuted Group?

A Civilization in Collapse

Little Sinners and Big Sinners

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Answers to the Issues

Acceptance and Tolerance

When you hear those words, watch out.  It will be whoever says them first.  Do not for a moment get mislead by…

Let's Keep This Straight

A recent CNN poll said that a record high number of Americans favor allowing homosexual couples to marry.  First, a…

Who Are You Depending on?

"Venezuela in Turmoil for Lack of Flour, Milk, and Diapers" reads the headline by Lourdes Garcia-Navarro, a South…

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