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National News

God Save Women from Other Women

This Month's Headlines

Trump's Energy Success

This Month's Headlines

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Wisconsin News

Governor Walker’s 2018 State of the State Address: No Time for Moral Issues Ever

Prominent Democrat Arrested for Attempted Prostitution Solicitation

"It's Just a Stupid Cake! Design it Yourself Then!"

Liberals Try to Derail Brennan Nomination

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World News

Iran Agreement Boosts Peace

World Headlines

African Albinos in Danger

World Headlines

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Eau Claire News

Monopoly Money vs Gold

The Bible in your Home

"Progressive" Peace of Mind

No Exceptions

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Business News

Inflation is Coming

Why is Profit So Important?

End of Malls will not make Shopping any Better

Government Debt and Your Retirement

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Religious News

There is More to the Gospel than Forgiveness

Apologist: Evangelical Support for Trump Isn't Hypocritical

No Need to Pray for Me

The Incomparable One

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Answers to the Issues

State Recognition Regarding Marriage

The truth is state recognition regarding many things really ought not to matter.  In fact, the state needs to keep…

Leaving Your Child Unattended

"Florida couple charged with felony neglect after getting stuck in traffic while kid waited at home," read the headlines…

Where Have All the Lemonade Stands Gone?

In the old days (when I was living) a child put up a stand to sell Kool-Aid (today it is lemonade) or anything else he…

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