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National News

5 Ways to Fight Depression

Letters to the Editor

I Feel Sorry For Real Men

A Coming Three-Party System?

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Wisconsin News

Who Is Trying to Establish a Theocracy?

Honoring Indian Rights

Right-to-work 2.0

Protecting the Privacy Rights of ALL Students

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World News

World Headlines

10 Simple Typos With Surprisingly Huge Costs

World Headlines

Solving the Refugee Problem

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Eau Claire News

Eau Claire County's Smear Campaign against the Amish

Keeping Mice out of Your Home

Sex Education in Public Schools Is Not Required

A Stitch in Timeā€¦.

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Business News

Business Headlines

5 Simple Ways to Grow an Emergency Fund

Living in Debt Is Not Necessary

Business Headlines

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Religious News

Moore: Trump supporters betraying Christian values

Religion Headlines

Iraqi Christian Questions Why American Christians would Fight in Middle East

Fired for Sharing His Faith!

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Answers to the Issues

Why Is There Government Debt?

It is extremely rare to find a government that doesn't borrow money. Even ones that boast of a balanced budget only do…

Unemployment & Disability Checks - Is This Christian?

In general, the answer to this question is no.  Are there people who are unable to work?  Yes, but very, very…

"Everybody in Politics Lies..."

Quoting from Maureen Dowd's writings in the New York Times - Obama's Big Screen Test - she quotes Mr. Geffen as saying,…

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