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National News

How Much Does Poverty Drive Crime?

Father, Not Doctor Knows Best

National Headlines .

Feminism Has Slain Our Protectors

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Wisconsin News

Cutting through Government Red Tape

State Headlines

Robert Burke Runs for Governor

Growth of Swedish Lawn Game Centers in Wisconsin

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World News

World Headlines

Scotland: May We All Live Free

10 Wild Facts About The Amazon Rainforest

World Headlines

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Eau Claire News

Eau Claire Should Eliminate City Debt

Local Leader Needed

Judge Issues Decision in Amish Building Permit Case

Hurting Yourself Versus Hurting Others

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Business News

Business Headlines

How To Get A Job That Pays You More Than Money

Buy and Fold?

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Religious News

Fear Not ISIS, Fear a Holy God

The Relevancy of the Bible

Forgiveness and Mental Health

Religion Headlines

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Answers to the Issues

Conservatives Have More Children than Liberals

You can look up the statistics.  They are there, everywhere, and to be honest I personally find this funny. …

Who Should Overhaul the Health Care System?

Pam Belluck of the New York Times writes on our healthcare system saying, "The country's system for handling…

Bad Laws Are a Problem

Recently there seems to be an awakening to the fact of bad laws. We see this concerning laws regarding abortion,…

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