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National News

Toys that Encourage "Open" Play

Volunteer Militia Provides Riot Security

Stop Wasting Time on Politics

IRS Budget Cut Well-Deserved, Says Tax Expert

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Wisconsin News

0511 Letters to the Editor

Little Conservative Group Gives Up In Nonprofit Status Battle with IRS

Wisconsin Superintendent of Schools Misrepresents Common Core

Will Bats Become Wisconsin's New Spotted Owl?

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World News

Open the Door to Cuba and Get Out of the Way!

World Headlines

The Markets of Lagos, Nigeria

World Headlines

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Eau Claire News

Should the County Let You have an Ice Rink?

Confluence Proceeds Amidst Funding Doubts

Eau Claire County Hides the Real Impact of Soil Erosion Ordinance

Adopting Children Locally May Be an Answer

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Business News

Business Headlines

Automation Gradually Dumbs Us Down

What Is Oil Telling Us? And how will it affect our personal economy and investments?

Gas Prices: How Much Lower and Longer?

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Religious News

Amazing Grace and a Cement Truck

Beautiful Snow

The Unknown Joys of America's Puritans

Religion Headlines

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Answers to the Issues

Jobs and Immigrants

Regardless of what position so many of us might take, a few things are clear regarding the issue of foreign workers…

Reporting Sexual Abuse

Recently, I was reading of a public apology by the President of the well known Bob Jones University in Greenville, South…

Ron Paul on Using Physical Discipline

It was surprising, at least to myself, to know that Ron Paul opposes the use of the rod for child…

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