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National News

The Six A's of Apology

Bed Bugs Are the New Plague

Look For These Signs to Spot a Stroke

How Common Core Fails at Math

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Wisconsin News

State Headlines

Transportation Spending: Can Legislators Say No?

Walker Defends Arena Welfare for Billionaires

Cash Comfort with Custom Caskets

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World News

African Albinos in Danger

World Headlines

How Christians Respond to Violent Muslims

"Overpopulation" Solved by Unlimited Resources

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Eau Claire News

Why Movement Matters

How Should Hotel Room Taxes Be Spent?

Lake Hallie Forces Municipal Water on Property Owners; Makes Them Pay for It

Pro-Life Conference Coming Soon to Eau Claire

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Business News

The Woes of Starting a New Business

You Can't Get Good Help

Mom Said "Money Doesn't Grow On Trees!" But She Never Thought About South America

0605 Business Headlines

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Religious News

Religion Headlines

The Destruction of the Family by the Arm of the State

Evolutionists Plagiarize Source of Happiness

Blind but Not Disabled: Fanny Crosby

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Answers to the Issues

Leaving Your Child Unattended

"Florida couple charged with felony neglect after getting stuck in traffic while kid waited at home," read the headlines…

Where Have All the Lemonade Stands Gone?

In the old days (when I was living) a child put up a stand to sell Kool-Aid (today it is lemonade) or anything else he…

Environmentalism and Oil-Based Paints

I paint for a living. When painting a deck, it is important to use an oil-based paint or stain because it lasts…

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