Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015  |  6:05 PM

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National News

Doctor: No Such Thing as ADHD

Three Reasons to Engage In Gift Giving

Should We Trust Forensic Evidence?

Danger of Reality TV

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Wisconsin News

UW Net Assets Rise Despite Static State Aid

PBS Stands for Public Broadcasting Subsidy

Bursting 'The Wisconsin Idea' Bubble

Wisconsin Campaign Finance Laws are Unconstitutional

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World News

Sailing Around World A Better Education

World Headlines

US Policy Increases Terrorism

Man Spends 12 Years Trapped in Vegetative State

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Eau Claire News

Fairfax Pool and Other City-Led Business Failures

Amish Differ on Building Permits

What Happened to Good Ol' Visiting?

Can a $10 Million Parking Ramp Stimulate Eau Claire's Economy?

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Business News

That Wonderful Word "Beguile"

Why Competent REALTORS Should NOT Have All the Answers

Business Headlines

Business Headlines

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Religious News

April Fool's Day

It's Harvest Time!

Religion Headlines

Running To and Fro Like Ants upon a Heap!

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Answers to the Issues

"But I Read on the Internet…"

There is a common irritation among those who claim a monopoly on knowledge (professionals) when they hear someone back…

"Judge Tells Christian Florist she is Entitled to her Beliefs - But Not to Act on Them"

"A Christian florist in Washington state, who refused to provide flowers to two homosexuals for their wedding,…

Paying Teachers, Police, Fire Fighters, and Soldiers

As governments face cutting their budgets, the cry among the supporters of certain government employees is of the…

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