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National News

Immigration Reform: 8 Steps

No Mental Health Screenings for Gun Purchasing

Why Are People Having Fewer Kids?

National Headlines

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Wisconsin News

State Headlines

Public Schools, Property Taxes and the Surrender of our Education and Property Rights

Gov. Walker's Trial by Media Baseless

Constitutional Concerns with Common Core

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World News

World Headlines

Fighting Worsens in Ukraine; Russian Troops Massing on Border

World Headlines

Kudos to Equador for Evicting US Troops

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Eau Claire News

How to Change Eau Claire

Augusta Meats and Catering: Your Source for Meats, Catering, and a Good Hot Lunch

A Monthly Political Review of a Local Leader

Local Power Is Powerful

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Business News

Business Headlines

If You Don't Have a Job, Make One Up

On Inflation: See No Evil

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Religious News

Of Rats and Men

Religion Shorties

Six Truths about Pornography

A Widow's Courage to Do Right

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Answers to the Issues

Authority Overextended

No doubt what exemplifies authority overextending itself would vary broadly between those reading this, whether liberal…

Private Property is a Must but Non-Existent

It is necessary for freedom that true private property be established, or in the case of America, be returned. …

Muslim Modesty, Christian Immodesty

Amazingly, Muslims have more indignation, if you like, against immodesty than those claiming to be Christian.  It…

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