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National News

Will Driverless Cars End Truck Drivers' Jobs?

For Immigration Answers, Look to Liberty

War Isn't Actually Pointless

5 Facts to Help Bring Down Obamacare

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Wisconsin News

A Modern Day Tentmaker

Letters to the Editor

Wisconsin Joins Worldwide Prayer Vigil for Imprisoned American Pastor

The Private Sector is Cheaper, More Efficient than Government

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World News

How Child Labor Laws Can be Cruel

World Headlines

Iran Agreement Boosts Peace

Airless Tires: The Tires of the Future?

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Eau Claire News

Ways to Help Small Businesses Get Started

Why Are Eau Claire County Roads So Bad?

Example of a Living Legacy

"Every Life Matters" Conference Coming to Eau Claire

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Business News

Business Headlines

The Scent of Panic Is in the Air

Happy 50th Birthday to "Junk Silver"

Why U.S. Companies Can't Find Skilled Workers

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Religious News

Public Shame Everywhere

Has Anyone Heard of "Moral Psychology?"

Religion Headlines

4 Reasons to Get Married Fast

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Answers to the Issues

"Putting Out Fires"

There is an old saying we all grew up with called "putting out fires." It was often used when referring to problems…

Living in Debt Is Not Necessary

A recent article by Michael Synder pointed out the thinking of most Americans:

USA Headlines

320 Planned Parenthoods Protested in 50 States, What's in Donald Trump's Immigration Plan?, and more... 

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