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National News

National Headlines

Washington Controlling our Schools through Federal Assessments

Obama Usurps Local Police with Fake "Ban" on Militarization

The Family of the Past has Departed

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Wisconsin News

Cash Comfort with Custom Caskets

"Same-Sex" Marriage: Legal or Permitted?

Our Farmers - Our Future:

State Headlines

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World News

How Christians Respond to Violent Muslims

"Overpopulation" Solved by Unlimited Resources

World Headlines

'Homeschooling is a Right'

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Eau Claire News

Stealing of County Funds: Lessons to Learn

As Confluence Crumbles, City Eyes More Properties to Take

It's Not Just about Toys and Antiques

Is it Wise to Sign with a REALTOR When Buying?

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Business News

Business Headlines

"Aren't Some People Not Able to Work?"

Will the Commander-In-Chief Corral Our Cash?

Business Headlines

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Religious News

0604 Letters to the Editor

Religion Headlines

Religious Liberty in the Crosshairs

Why Community Has Declined

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Answers to the Issues

Switzerland: Happiest Nation on Earth

The most recent 2015 World Happiness Report poll ranks Switzerland as the happiest nation on…

Why the Distinction between Muslims and Christians in Business or Working?

This has become a point of controversy for many people. The Muslim business owner can refuse customers coming to his…

Civil Authority Needs to be out of Business

By this I do not mean what a libertarian means - no government. Rather, our civil authorities need to be out of being…

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