Saturday, May 30th, 2020  |  5:43 PM

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About The US Journal

Wisconsin's New Conservative News Source

In an age of ten second sound bites, one thing the Wisconsin citizens need is a more in-depth analysis of both current and historical events. We are surrounded by media and yet are probably the least informed citizenry in centuries. Some of the fault may lie with us, but it is media that has conditioned us to settle for a fast food style of news and analysis that has left us starving for the truth.

In these perilous times Americans are searching for relevant and objective news. We are looking for someone to sort through all the fluff and deception, to separate out the wheat from the chaff, and give us true substance and honest analysis.

Three Christian men from the Eau Claire area who have longed for news coverage with just such an approach have launched The US Journal, a new newspaper and website they trust will fill that void. Dan Stanley, Chad McFarlin, and Jerry Hanson are those three men. They have been friends and brothers in the Lord for many years, and, though they come from diverse backgrounds, have a common interest in providing Wisconsinites and all Americans with news and information they need to stay informed and be well-equipped to navigate through tumultuous times.

The owners and staff of The US Journal are convinced of the necessity and demand for a news source such as theirs that will give its readers concise articles that:

  • Bring to light important local, state, national, and world news overlooked by the other news media.
  • Give an open analysis of the impact of that news upon its readers.
  • Alert its readers to misleading and fallacious information disseminated by other media and government.
  • Examine the statements of public figures which attempt to indoctrinate or manipulate public sentiment toward socialism or statism.
  • Report government excesses at all levels in regulation, expenditures, taxes, and fees.
  • Inform the public of pending city, township, county, state, and national legislation; determine the impact of that legislation; and how their representatives voted.
  • Hold public officials accountable for their rulings and actions which violate individual liberty or private property rights.
  • Lift up good examples of responsible, righteous individuals, and virtuous acts.

The US Journal staff labors to do all this and more. In doing so they are committed to always presenting their readers with the truth and the facts. Their analysis of the news will be from a Christian perspective because that is what they are. They will not strive for political correctness. They intend to report and analyze events as they see them. They don't expect that everyone will always agree with them, but they promise to be provocative, thoughtful, fair, and honest.