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A Change for the Worse

Written By: Joyce Kruger  |  Posted: Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

It is unbelievable to me that from the time I started public school as a very young child to today as a senior citizen that our nation has made such a drastic change. Some changes have been positive but others have been very negative. Please let me share these changes with you. We started school with the flag and the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. Then throughout my school days we were taught about the founding of this Nation upon the principles of God, and the great men that stood for and fought for those principles of righteousness and freedom. We were taught to have respect for those in authority, our elders, classmates, and family members. With orderliness there was learning and not confusion. Good behavior was rewarded and bad behavior brought discipline.

But there was a change when my age group graduated from high school and started to get married and raise families. They became soft on disciplining children. Some even thought that it was cute for children to sass their parents and be in control rather then the parents controlling and disciplining the children. Another change was that times were more prosperous and the economy better than when we grew up. Our parents had to sacrifice their wants for their needs. Now in our generation and time we didn't want children to go without anything so we bought them whatever they wanted, as we wanted to please them, and not have them go without like we did when we grew up. But we weren't the unfortunate ones in our generation. We learned discipline, we learned wisdom that goes along with discipline, we learned respect, we learned what the most important things were in life God, Family, and Country. We learned respect for ourselves as well as for others as we were taught good morals. Because we had a good family life, we learned to interact with adults, our peers, as well as younger children. A family was one father, one mother, and their children. We were dependent upon one another for survival. We were knit together in a love relationship that produced soundness. That gave us a good foundation to build our lives physically, emotional, and spiritually.

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