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UWEC Guest Speaker Beyond Questionable

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

       We believe in freedom of speech and assembly in America. So we allow speech and gatherings that include everything from the bizarre to what is repulsive. When a church in Topeka, Kansas protests the funeral services of military men and women, we have several adjectives come to mind - bizarre, uncomely, misplaced, kooks or off balance. When the KKK puts on a demonstration or speech, we think of racism and lynching. When Michael Moore speaks, we cringe due to his stupidity. Maybe Bill O'Reilly is right. He is a loon. So likewise when Dan Barker speaks at our local University, I personally think of a man who fits the character of the aforementioned names, albeit in a different vein. Religiously speaking, he is a man who is intent on doing harm in the name good.

                It was my lot in life to meet up with Barker's book - "Losing Faith in Faith" - and material about five years ago. It was shortly after he had come to the University at that time as a guest speaker also. As a result, we prepared and did a public rebuttal of his claims and teachings. He was asked to participate, but didn't. In fairness, he had a short notice and truly may have been booked. The result of the preparation and presentation that I personally did that evening in the Schofield Auditorium in UWEC was to conclude and reveal that Dan Barker is not what he appears to be. How so?

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