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Letters to the Editor: December 2012

Written By: Letters to the Editor  |  Posted: Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Constitution Protects Free Speech, Religion

        Tyrannical governments pass laws which demand that every person in that nation practice the same religion or they pass laws preventing the practice or discussion of religion in the public square. These laws force religious celebrations underground and limit the freedoms of the people.

        The American Constitution was established to protect the most precious freedom of all: the right to speak one's mind and practice one's religion without fear of reprisal.

        In America, any fool can say any obnoxious thing they want. They can practice any religion they wish without fear of reprisal, imprisonment, or personal harm. Each citizen owes it to our country to demand that this most precious freedom be protected, respected, and preserved. It is essential that those wishing to practice their religion do so without fear of reprisal. Even those who offend Christians by having no religious belief should be free to remain ignorant of the glories of God.  However, secularists do NOT have the right to impose their absence of belief upon others by demanding that all behave as secularists.

        In America, these rights have already been won. We should not have to fight for them again.


Tammy Olson

Birchwood, WI


Demography's New Rule

        Here are some explanations concerning last month's elections: simply a new coalition of Democrats, led by Latinos, African Americans, Asians, women, and young people voters roused up to be heard, lack of job opportunities for graduates, and those voters who had parents out work because their previous employment moved over seas.  Mitt Romney could not answer the question of moving jobs overseas. Actions speak louder than words therefore he could not overcome what he had done. The primary debates showed the outside world how vicious the republicans can be. The brutal conduct during those debates caused the winner to be flawed in the campaign to be president. Demography is political destiny and today Democrats have the numbers to prove it.


Harold Page

Fall Creek, WI


Religion and Politics

        When Thomas Jefferson explained that the legislature should "make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" he meant that the government could not do what England had done by declaring one religion to be the one that all of England should practice.

        The founding fathers made it clear that they escaped from England so they would be free to practice openly the religion of their choice. Our founders wanted to make sure that no person's religious choice could be criticized, punished, or shaped by government. That is why they added the language, "or prohibiting the free exercise thereof".

        Eliminating the right of Christians to express their faith before public meetings or events is in direct conflict with the wishes of our founding fathers and the freedoms granted in our constitution.

        Thomas Jefferson never promoted the concept of a secular state.  While serving in the Virginia House of Burgesses, he was the one who personally introduced a resolution for a day of fasting and prayer in 1774.

        Then, while president, he also chaired the school board for the District of Columbia and authored its plan of education using the Bible and Watts Hymnal as reading texts. He also proposed a treaty with the Kaskasian Indians which included federal money to build a church and support a Clergyman.

        When he established the University of Virginia, he encouraged the teaching of religion and set apart the Rotunda for chapel services. He also praised the use of the LOCAL COURTHOUSE in his home town for religious services.

        Our founder's definition of separation of church and state was a far cry from the way it is interpreted by the courts and secularists of today.

        Citizens of this nation need to protect the freedoms so many died for to secure by encouraging everyone from every religion to pray and celebrate their faith.


Diane Bartschenfeld

Rice Lake, WI


Last Issue's Article on JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis

        In regards to the November 2012 issue's article on Page C7 about JFK; said article did not seem very positive on him, almost peevish that John F. Kennedy had put him, Eric Margolis, under such stress.

        Could you run all those comparisons and coincidences between Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy?  I think even their physical builds were similar?  Wasn't there a thing about rocking chairs too?

        And even between the terrible Civil War and what could have happened in a future nuclear war if Kennedy had not faced down Khrushchev then before they were all set up in Cuba.

        Give JFK credit for diplomacy to let Khrushchev save face by trading off a couple of our nuclear missiles instead of an actual nuclear war which would have made the Civil War look small in comparing numbers and physical destruction.

        Give JFK credit even if he was a Catholic he was the right guy at the right time and yes a Catholic AMERICAN.

        So let's let bygones be bygones and get together to try to save our country.  Times are a wasting away.

        How about a political cartoon with one side showing priests (pastors) being "mute dogs" for fear of losing tax exemptions; the other side schools, hospitals, etc. being boarded up!


Francis Dantzman

Mequon, WI


Prohibiting Religion

        Only someone who suffers from poor reading comprehension skills would say that the words "…make no law…prohibiting the exercise" of a religion means that the invocations before public meetings should be prohibited. What our founders gave us and what our military has sacrificed to protect is the right to pray and celebrate our religion everywhere at any time. No longer can a King Henry tell a secularist, a Jew, a Christian, or anyone else that they must practice the religion of King Henry.

        Russia and many other countries tried to ban the exercise of religion so that the people would worship and follow their government.  Today, Muslims are slaughtering Christians and other Muslims who are "offensive" because they are not practicing the "correct" form of Islam. The citizens of these countries have escaped to America where their right to practice their religion is protected.

        Secularists who demand that Americans practice the religion of secularism in public while pushing the practice of other religions underground are just as dangerous as any government which passes laws to establish a religion.

        Keep the right to pray during public meetings, graduations, and all aspects of life!


Rena Ulland

Rice Lake, WI

Republicans (Achieve - Together), Democrats (Attack - Divide)

        I want to tell you about an incident that occurred when I went to vote on the 6th of November 2012 at my Somerset, New Jersey polling place. An elderly lady was directly in front of me, accompanied by her friend. The friend had to leave for some reason. The lady asked if I would go into the booth and assist her in voting. She told me that she was legally blind and could not see the buttons. I said that I would be happy to help.

        When we got into the booth, the individual asked if I was a Democrat (indicating that she was). I told her that I was a Republican: where-upon she said, "Can I count on you to show me the right Democrat buttons to push?". My response was, "Honey, we Republicans would never take advantage of such a situation. We are Americans first and Republicans second".

        Even though I had no second thoughts as to carrying out my promise to help this little lady, I must say that it was no easy task for me to assist someone in voting for individuals in whom I have no confidence and for whom I have no respect. But, I had no choice. How could I not do this for this person? And so, I guided her finger to the Obama button and told her it was okay for her to depress the key. She asked me, "Are you sure?" I responded, "Yes" and she did so. We did the same for each Democrat candidate. Gee, that was hard!

        As we left the booth, I said to my new acquaintance, "I love you. Good luck", knowing that I would probably never see her again and realizing that the two of us had such different views as to the path our Leaders should take in determining the Destiny Of Our Nation.

        The next morning - after hearing the final results of the election and reflecting on the fact that I had helped a person to defeat one of the finest, most moral and most qualified men ever to run for the Presidency of The United States - I heard the comment of MSNBC commentator, Chris Matthews, who said, " I'm so glad we had that storm last week" (inferring that the storm was a good thing for Democrat vote count). Imagine, just a few days after one-hundred Americans died, hundreds of others were injured and thousands left homeless, this so-called journalist had the audacity to utter such trash, such heartless cruelty: showing, once again, the contrast between Democrats (Who PREACH Good) and Republicans (Who PRACTICE Good).

        Of course, after a wave of criticism from the Conservative ranks, Matthews half-heartedly apologized for his hideous remark. No apology, however, can ever retract what this individual said nor negate his true feelings. He said what he meant and meant what he said. He was in lockstep with his Party: a philosophy that espouses Party and Politics above Principle and People.

        My fellow Americans, what I have written here-in says it all. In just a few actions and words, one side attempts to show compassion while the other side encourages victory at any cost. One leader tells his followers to "SEEK REVENGE", while the other LEADER asks his to "SHOW LOVE". Which leader do you choose? I don't know about you, but as for me, I choose Mitt Romney. And, by the way, I used to be a Democrat.


Fred A. Sbrilli Jr., President

Capital Property Realty

Metuchen, NJ


The First Amendment

        The First Amendment of the Constitution is the First Amendment because it was the most important freedom sought by our founders: the freedom to express their religious beliefs without fear of being imprisoned or murdered for their belief in their chosen religion. Catholics, Protestants and representatives from many other religions came to America to create a paradise for religious freedom. Secularists have no right to impose secular humanism on others.

        For government to prohibit the free exercise of any religion is to impose the religion of secular humanism on us. That is what England did to its people which resulted in the chaos and misery which prompted our founders to create this God-loving nation.

        Keep prayer in the public square.


Kathleen Roux

Rice Lake, WI


Who is the Real Obama

        Just before the election a Democrat spewed in my face, "You are voting for the Devil because Romney is a Mormon."  Let's examine President Obama.

        Every year Obama holds an Iftar (Ramadan) dinner at the White House to honor Islam. At the 2012 dinner Obama said "Jefferson once held a sunset dinner here, perhaps the first Iftar dinner." That is outrageous! Obama also made a big deal of displaying Jefferson's Koran. Muslim pirates on the Mediterranean under Presidents Washington and Adams exacted extortion from America. Jefferson invited a Muslim envoy to explain why they attacked our ships when we had done nothing to them. They said that was the teachings of the Koran.  After reading the Koran for himself, no more tribute was paid to the Islamic pirates.

        At the 2012 dinner he praised at length Huma Abedin whose immediate family members have connections with the Muslim Brotherhood here and abroad. She is the Deputy Chief of Staff for Hillary Clinton.

        Muslims are exempt from Obamacare.  The U.S. has an official representative to just one religion - Islam. Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, who embraces the radical Moslem Brotherhood, has any-time access to the Obamas' private living quarters. Islamic mass-murderer Hasan killed 13 soldiers at Fort Hood; it still is not called terrorism. Right after that massacre, radical Islamist, Arif Alikah, was appointed to Homeland Security. Obama's response to the 9/11/12 terrorist attack in Benghazi was abominable. He apologized to our enemy and flagged his nose at our friend, the honorable Netanyahu.

        Obama omits "by our Creator" from the Declaration.  The Air Force Academy disinvited a three star general from speaking because he is a Christian. No Christian items (e.g. Bibles) can be used or given away at Walter Reed. This White House avoids traditional biblical holidays and events but regularly recognizes major Muslim holidays. Obama says Christians "cling to guns or religion." He refuses to have anything to do with the National Day of Prayer - a day established by federal law. His recent attacks have been against the Catholic Church. Franklin Graham was disinvited from the Pentagon's National Day of Prayer event because Muslims complained.

        There is every indication that Obama dislikes America and her people. His formative years were spent in an Islamic Madrassa school in Indonesia. There is not a Madrassa school in the world that does not teach hatred of Israel and America. His father figure in Hawaii was Frank Marshall Davis a self-proclaimed Marxist.

        Some Christians did not even vote because they did not have their perfect candidate. Or they voted for a sure loser.  Shame on them. They are responsible for our getting Obama again.

        I invite you to read The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America by Andy McCarthy, the federal prosecutor who convicted the notorious "Blind Sheikh."   


Dorothy Schwankl

Eau Claire, WI


GOP Defeats Romney

        In such dire economic times, how can the most qualified presidential candidate in the last sixty years fail to unseat the least qualified president in the last sixty years? Simply put, Democrats didn't defeat Mitt Romney, Republicans did.

        Romney emerged from the primary wars as a severely wounded warrior. After Rick Santorum, Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich sliced and diced him for six months, did you see those three out on the campaign trail repairing the damage they'd inflicted? The false narrative they created about Romney was gleefully perpetuated by Barack Obama and his media acolytes throughout the general campaign.

        So-called Republican Colon Powell endorsed Obama and agreed to appear in a national TV ad on the eve of the election. Republican Ron Paul refused to endorse Romney or marshal his fan club to the cause. Republican Gary Johnson siphoned off 1.2 million votes with his vanity run on the Libertarian ticket. Two Republican rookies running for the Senate did real damage with their ridiculous comments on rape. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Republican Gov. Chris Christie could have been civil and cooperative with the president without conducting a photo-op love affair with the guy.

        Here's the bottom line: Democrats tend to rally around their guy regardless of the outrageous gaffes, personal "indiscretions," or policy blunders. Republicans tend to demand ideological purity and pedigree. If they detect some imperfection in their candidate, they don't seem to mind punishing the nation to make their point.

        If some of my conservative friends think I'm barking up the wrong tree here, please explain to me how the incredibly weak McCain-Palin ticket garnered over a million more votes in 2008 than the Republican-conservative-libertarian-evangelical-Tea Party coalition could muster for the incredibly strong Romney-Ryan team in 2012?

David Hanvelt

Eau Claire, WI


Government Needs to Cut Spending

        President Obama says he will not let the elderly and middle class suffer while the wealthy (those making over $250 thousand a year) pay not one penny more to help. He insists that conservatives must compromise their principles so that the rich can be taxed more. Has the educational system betrayed our public so severely that people will fall for this?

        The Constitution specifically states that Americans are to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Thomas Jefferson explained that the right to own one's intellectual and personal property was essential to assuring liberty and happiness.

        Originally our founders wanted an inexpensive government that was supported by consumption taxes on property sold at auction, corporate bonds, and non-essential items like distilled spirits and tobacco.

        In 1862, Congress enacted the first income tax to support the Civil War. That tax was eliminated in 1872. In 1913, the 16th Amendment made income taxes permanent, supporting never-ending American involvement in wars and a burgeoning government with employees often making more in salary and benefits than do the citizens holding similar public sector jobs.

        Basic math skills prove that the wealthy already pay much more tax than others pay. Even under a flat tax of 10%, a person earning $50,000 would pay $5000 in taxes and a person earning $200,000 would pay $20,000 in taxes. The rich ARE paying a lot more than others pay.

        How does one compromise a belief that no one has the right to take from another? Or on the promise to protect and defend the Constitution? Once it is OK for the government to take from one and give to another or to limit property rights, we have lost our republic and the freedoms it grants.

        Conservatives should NOT compromise. The Government needs to cut spending.

Karen Schroeder

Rice Lake, WI


The New American Attitude

        For some time now I've felt, like some, that America's reign as the world's greatest nation is about over.  This view appears to be true, now that the elections are over.

        Elections are about the voter-not the politician.  Elections reveal the mood of the country.  Some do not vote because they don't care.  Part of Obama's 93% black vote went for him because he is a "brother"-never mind that they may have no agreed with him on the issue.  Over 70% of the Latino and Asian voters re-elected Obama.  Why?  They want the free entitlements that our politicians (mainly Democrats) have set them up with.  To be fair, that same attitude has infected the minds of too many Caucasians also.

        The mindset in America has now become one of "I don't care what happens to the country, I want my welfare check; my food stamps; my extended unemployment checks; my free health care."  Politicians, eager to buy votes, will give any voter what they ask for.

        The flood of immigrants-both legal and illegal-have now come back to bite us.  An impenetrable wall along our southern border should have been built years ago.  We have invited the Arab world to move in and join us at the party and with it they brought their own dish to pass.  It's called Islam.  It's only a matter of time before the Islamic communities vote their own into office, further neutering Judeo-Christian America.

        The Christian community must accept its share of the blame for our demise.  Christians consist of two types:  the real Christian and the lukewarm fence sitter.  The real Christians do not vote for socialism, abortion, or the homosexual agenda.  The fence sitters do.  Obama has had four years to prove who and what he is.  Those who voted for him have indicted themselves-the evidence against them being their lack of Christian conviction.

        Every president has called himself a Christian.  The vast majority of Congress would say the same.  Polls show a majority of Americans consider themselves to be Christian. If that's the case, then why do we have legalized abortion, special rights for homosexuals, an attitude that allows the false teaching of Islam to flourish, and a selfish attitude of me first?  Lukewarm fence sitters!  The liberal agenda has nothing to do with Christianity.  It's like oil and water-they don't mix.

        1800 Christian America would never have allowed what we have in America today.  The fence sitters have allowed the liberals and the immigrants to turn America into what these people want, not what these people could become as true Americans like our ancestors did.

        America's pot once contained only real ingredients.  It now overflows with an icky goo that will soon put out the fire that forged this once great nation.


Rick Ghyselinck

Exeland, WI


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