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Eye on Madison

Written By: the Eau Claire Journal Staff  |  Posted: Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Last week Governor Jim Doyle signed into law legislation that will prohibit texting while driving in Wisconsin. Assembly Bill 496 prohibits sending an e-mail or text message while driving, with certain exceptions, and imposes a fine of between $20 and $400, effective December 1, 2010. Twenty-three other states and Washington, D.C. have all enacted similar legislation.

Last week Governor Doyle also signed into law Badger Care Plus Basic, a new, supposedly entirely self-funded health care plan for adults on the Core waiting list. The plan will help thousands on the Core waiting list purchase basic health care coverage - at no cost to taxpayers.? Badger Care Plus Core Plan has 43, 000 on the waiting list. Many argue that the plan can not support itself and that the tax payers will ultimately be funding this too. Badger Care is now the Cadillac version of Obama Care, even covering single men earning up to 200% of the Federal Poverty Level ($1805.00 per month).

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