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The Right To Work

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

            Mark Mix, President of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, spoke on this subject this past summer.  The title caught my attention.  It brought back memories of something that has been percolating in my mind for several years.  It is the issue of the right to work.

            Doesn't just the title and the fact there is an organization to protect this right strike you as odd?  What would you think if there were Defense Foundations for the "right to have children" (it is trying to come - ask Marv Munyon)?  What about the right to "take a vacation!?"  What about the right to obey the Bible as Christian? (right to worship, yes, but to obey is another thing).  What about the right to keep the money you earn (that is gone)?

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