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Step by Step - The Power of the Gospel that Helps a Woman Overcome an Abortion

Written By: Monique Kallenbach  |  Posted: Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Abortion is on the minds of many voters and politicians currently. More often for some than others. But for the woman who has had an elective abortion, the thoughts are fixated on that day, the gnawing guilt is ever present. For this woman, abortion is not a moral issue 'out there'; it is on-going emotional guerilla warfare, affecting each daily activity and each relationship. The purpose of this space is devoted to those women specifically, and to the family surrounding the woman who made that decision. Let me start by saying, without fail, without any doubt, Jesus Christ alone is sufficient to give peace to any woman tormented by the ravages of abortion's guilt. Those who would disagree did not die on a cross and rise again from the grave.

The mind is foremost affected by this guilt. All subsequent decisions following that event are all affected to some degree by the abortion. The mind won't quit. It just won't sit down and be quiet. The thoughts about the abortion keep going round and round, picking-up more condemnations with each lap. There is one Way to stop this treadmill thinking. It is not magical or instantaneous. But, I do not have to constantly feel the paralyzing oppression of guilt. The Gospel of Jesus Christ can set me free from the accusing taunts of the mind. Know this, Satan is a destroyer, and he is relentless in pursuing women who gave into abortion. The Gospel -believed is the only effective power against sin. God's Word, memorized and meditated on, is the only effective means of stopping the torment inside.

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