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10 Questions Separating Liberty Candidates From Counterfeits

Written By: Thomas R. Eddlem  |  Posted: Monday, October 11th, 2010

Every election campaign politicians promise change, yet despite the promises the general trajectory and the final destination that trajectory will ultimately take us remain unchanged regardless if the Democrats or Republicans are dominant in Washington - more and more government spending and indebtedness leading to economic collapse, and more and bigger government leading to total government. It is, of course, true that the Republican Party has positioned itself as the party of conservatives while the Democratic Party has appealed to liberals. But the difference between the two major parties has been much more rhetoric than substance. Consider the last presidential race, when Senators John McCain and Barack Obama appeared to take opposite positions on the question of whether the government should redistribute wealth (remember Obama's response to "Joe the Plumber" and McCain's embracement of Joe?). Yet during the heat of the fall campaign both voted for, and lobbied fellow Senators to vote for, the now-infamous $700 billion TARP bailout.

It is also true that liberal Democrats also seem to outdo "conservative" Republicans in the amount of government they recommend. This may make less-liberal Republicans look conservative by comparison, but it doesn't change the fact that both establishment Republicans and Democrats are headed in the same general direction leading ultimately to national suicide. It is as if Democrats want to plunge the country into an abyss - and the molten lava below - while Republicans are content to climb down the mouth of the volcano and into the lava. Either way, although Republicans may be considered "the lesser of two evils, " the country's fate is the same. Which begs the question: Why vote for either Republicans or Democrats?

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