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Trump's Energy Success

Written By: Jeffrey Folks  |  Posted: Friday, February 9th, 2018

Just six months ago, the Trump administration was attacked for its "slow start." It was said to be "in disarray," in "chaos," "at war" with itself, and incapable of governing. Now the list of successes has piled up, making it clear that, if the trend continues, President Trump will become one of our more important presidents. Far from being a do-nothing administration, the Trump team is a White House on steroids.

One of the president's major successes is in the area of energy policy. Along with energy secretary Rick Perry, the president is overseeing the recovery of the American energy sector from the low point it hit under the Obama administration. By a combination of executive orders totally restricting drilling on federal lands and EPA assaults on fracking and coal-mining, including a total ban on mountaintop-mining, Obama prosecuted a "war" not just on coal, but on fossil fuels generally.

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