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Ed Thompson Has Three Criteria for Every Legislation

Written By: Jerry Hanson  |  Posted: Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Ed Thompson of Tomah is running for the 31st Wisconsin State Senate District. He will be running against Democrat incumbent Kathleen Vinehout. Ed says he has three criteria regarding how he will vote on all legislation, 1. Where is the money coming from to pay for it? 2. How are we going to pay for it? 3. Is it constitutional?
Ed says he is very much a Christian and believes our nation was founded upon Christian principles. He loves freedom. He says we must respect the individual rights of our neighbors. He wants to live free from the chains of excessive taxes, spending and debt that the government twists tighter and tighter. He has always campaigned for smaller government, and respect for individual liberty.
Eight years ago he ran for Wisconsin Governor on the Libertarian ticket and received a record 10% of the vote. He was Mayor of Tomah from 2000 to 2002. After his run for Governor he was on the Tomah City Council for two years and then decided to run for Mayor again and just recently retired from that position to campaign for State Senate.
He believes our country is at a turning point. He said his neighbors think so too. They know that it is wrong for the government to spend and borrow like they do. His neighbors say, they have been pushed too far by a government that grows and grows no matter what we do. He said he pledges in advance to bring common sense to Wisconsin state government, and to remind those who work for state government that they work for the people not the other way around. He also pledges to challenge the politicians that work in Madison, Democrats and Republicans alike, that whenever they propose to impose an expensive government boondoggle, sacrifice our liberty to increase state government's power, or put special interest above the interests of the people of Wisconsin to oppose them. Ed said, "If anyone comes to me as a state senator with a new program, I'll say, which one of the old ones are you going to eliminate that didn't work?"
Ed said he is adamant about property rights. He said he believes strongly in a person's right to own land and do with it what he pleases without government intervention, along as it doesn't harm his neighbors. He said property rights extend from the land you own, to the car you drive, to the money in your wallet, to the comb in your pocket. He said, "It's your money. You earned it. You have the right to use it on anything you want. You shouldn't have the government coming in and taking it away from you."
Shared revenue and unfunded mandates are a real problem for many counties and cities in the 31st State Senate District, which Ed hopes to address when he gets to Madison. He said the key is to inform the people about what is going on. The state often cuts the shared revenue to the counties and then mandates the county cannot cut jobs to make up for it. Ed said, "Making the people aware of what is happening with shared revenue is what needs to be done. Then we must introduce legislation to get it changed. The legislation and the debate about it will bring it to light. I certainly don't believe increasing the sales tax or property tax is the way to go."
The state deficit has to be addressed. Ed said one of the things that will have to be looked at is state employee pensions. They have a very lucrative pension plan that is far better than anything most employees in the private sector have. Some are able to retire at age 55 with a $60, 000 pension.
Ed said he firmly believes in state's rights. He is pro-life and believes the abortion issue is a state issue and should be handled by the states.
His priorities if he should get elected would be 1. No increase in taxes. 2. Keeping jobs in the state and bringing new jobs into the state by holding the cost of government down. 3. Make sure we follow the Constitution.
Ed believes healthcare costs can be held down by allowing insurance companies from across the country to compete across state lines, and by reducing restrictions and regulations on the healthcare industries. He said hospital administrators are suffocating under all the restrictions. This increases costs. He said, "The best thing government can do is get out of the way - this will expand prosperity and advance charity." In a recent speech at the Campaign for Liberty convention Ed said, "I'm running as a Ron Paul Republican, on a platform that across the board argues for less government and more respect for individual liberty." He went on to say, "Signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, pledging to oppose and vote against all attempts to increase taxes was an easy choice for me. Reducing the size and cost of government will improve our lives."
Ed is an avid reader. In the late 1970s Ed read, Restoring the American Dream by Robert Ringer. He recommends it highly. He has owned the Tee Pee Super Club in Tomah for Twenty years, and knows firsthand that every dollar he pays in taxes is a dollar he cannot use to improve the lives of his employees, or expand his business. "If you elect me as State Senator, I pledge to fight for cutting the fat in state government so you, your family, and your neighbors can keep more of your own money." He said he also pledges to do everything possible to make state government transparent. "During my two terms as Mayor of Tomah I have made my accessibility and the openness of city government high priorities. Unfortunately, customer service is not a priority for many people running Wisconsin's state government. Government cannot serve the people when government becomes a private club that bars their input and oversight."
You can learn more about Ed Thompson at his campaign web site,

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