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No Need to Pray for Me

Written By: Richard Edfeldt  |  Posted: Friday, February 9th, 2018

I hate to admit it but often the blasphemous thought "no need to pray for me" runs through my mind. Before you go off and begin praying (despite my wishes) for me and my salvation or write me off as an unappreciative heretic, let me try to explain what is running through my demented mind.

I often write my thoughts and impressions on a blog ( or on my Facebook page. They tend to revolve around how my wife, and I are managing after the death of our son. They are often maudlin and depressing to the reader, especially to one that hasn't experienced the depth of pain that we are expressing. Our verbalization of our pain is usually compared to a scab being ripped off an old injury and our recounting of such an experience that pricks our heart can often become uncomfortable to the reader.

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