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When Marital Vows Mean Something

Written By: Patrice Lewis  |  Posted: Thursday, March 31st, 2011

            Many years ago I had a temporary office job with a cubicle from which I could overhear all the office gossip. One woman's voice stood out because its grating, whiny tone constantly set my teeth on edge.

            This woman (I'll call her Jane) was getting married for the second time at the end of the month. Her kids (we were loudly informed) weren't thrilled with her choice of a new husband. While that was bad enough, it seemed Jane wasn't thrilled with her choice, either. Clearly she was of the school of thought that all men were idiots. Even as she planned her wedding, Jane lost no opportunity to badmouth her fiancé and to tell all her coworkers what dumb things he had done lately.

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