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The Unlimited Potential of the Tea Party

Written By: Joseph Farah  |  Posted: Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

During the Conservative Political Action Conference here in Washington, I heard one speaker suggest that the conservative movement had much to offer the Tea Party movement. I respectfully disagree.
The speaker explained how the conservative movement has been around Washington for so long and has learned so much that it could be passed on to the Tea Partiers. And that's exactly why I disagree.
The work of the Tea Party movement is not in Washington. It's deep down in the grassroots in all 50 states - natural turf (not the Astro version) that has never been permeated or organized effectively by the conservative movement.

In fact, while the conservative movement has generally been a force for good in America for most of its 50 years, it has been largely a top-down effort inspired and led by just a handful of forceful political figures - the two most notable being Ronald Reagan and Rush Limbaugh. Obviously, it had little real, tangible and lasting impact on the national scene until Ronald Reagan. Upon his retirement from office in 1989, Rush Limbaugh inherited the mantle of leadership as the king of talk radio.

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