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Reformation-Era Document Illustrates Resistance to Tyranny

Written By: Pastor Matt Trewhella  |  Posted: Friday, November 2nd, 2012

          With more Americans than ever realizing that both political parties are bankrupt when it comes to standards, principles, vision, and virtues, and more Americans than ever realizing that there is no Federal solution to our nation's problems, but rather the Federal government is the problem, the release of the Magdeburg Confession could not be more timely.

          This is the first ever English translation of the historic Magdeburg Confession. The Magdeburg Confession is the first known document in the history of man to formally set forth the doctrine of the lesser magistrates. The lesser magistrate doctrine teaches that when a superior authority makes unjust laws or decrees, the lesser authority has a God-given right and duty to interpose and resist those unjust laws or decrees.

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