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Why Nationalism Is a Good Thing

Written By: Dan stanley  |  Posted: Sunday, July 31st, 2016

            There is much talk today concerning the issue of nationalism versus globalism. In recent years we have been told that globalism is necessary in order to exist. We read about international interdependence. We are told that we cannot isolate ourselves from the rest of the world. That is for mountain men. That is a former day. That is all past.

            Well, yes and no.

            It is true that we have contact with the rest of the world in a way never known before in the history of mankind. The internet along with the jet set age in which we live has insured that. So, we exchange on an international level at a neck-breaking speed. And there are many advantages and good things that come from those exchanges.

            But, and this is a big but, we must remember there is a God-created reason and order for nations just as there is a God-created reason for families and guidelines as well as limitations in that regard. Nations are definable and must be secured and maintained. They must keep their identity.

            To diminish the institution of a nation or remove it's sovereignty and nature for the advantage of international relationships and globalism is not only wrong, it is disastrous. No more can a marriage exist if either spouse introduces a third partner into it than can a nation properly exist with all its benefits if globalism interferes with its design and purposes and how it is to function.

            Why is that? For several reasons. One is that the God of heaven and earth made it that way. This is how the world was intended to work. To go contrary to it's created purposes is like trying to run an engine on water. It breaks it. Even in eternity, there will be nations and kings!

            Second, man by nature is evil, and the breaking down of perimeters of a marriage or family or nation results in centralizing power which destroys liberty, responsibility, and the good fruit that can come from those things. Some people remember in the Bible the story of the tower of Babel. That is exactly what happened. The result was the confusion of languages in order to separate the peoples of the world. And it worked.

            Third, we are a diverse people. That is why we have many nationalities, as we would say. We have different colors (races), languages, different habits, and style methods. These are like a vase full of various kinds of flowers. The effort, though, to merge this diversity at the expense of a nation's purpose and perimeters results in the opposite effect. Just look at America's attempt to promote diversity. It has resulted in division and conflict. It is destroying relationships, cities, and our own nation.

            There is nothing wrong with a nation wanting to maintain it's identity, freedoms, and authority. Rather, it is good and right and necessary. Let the other nation or nations do their thing. Exchange freely (a European vacation, especially with the euro and pound going down in value!), but stop there. The attempts to diminish nationalism comes down to authority or power. Our nation or any other nation in the world must not give up their authority to other nations. This is a folly and is self-destructive. Don't be taken back by any accusations that somehow a nation is being isolated in its actions because it will not give up its power and nationality.

            What do you expect if other nations become busybodies? Worse, what do you expect if other nations (or those within) promote this in order to have power over our nation. Man by nature wants power that is not theirs to have. That quest, though, for that power in an illicit way is an evil, and it is at our door in our day and age. Resist it, even at the expense of being called narrow-minded or isolated or hard to get along with as a nation. Let our response be no different than that of you telling someone to butt out of your marriage or family life or church life or even your business. Busybodies have to be told they have nose problems. Other nations are not an exception, nor are people within our own nation who want international relationships at the expense of America.

            Dan Stanley is an owner and contributing editor of The US Journal. Email:


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