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Hillary's America: A Review

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

            Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party is a recent movie put out by the now somewhat known Dinesh D'Souza.  We recommend all Democrats especially to go and see it.  Because the Eau Claire Journal is truly non-partisan, we are not saying this in defense of the Republican party or any other party.  We are recommending this because it is important to know your roots. 

            If D'Souza is right, those who are in Democrat leadership are by far both historically and presently, the most racist and socially engineering party of all times in American history.  In watching it, we are reminded of how twisted history gets within a generation, let alone how much it has strayed from the days of Andrew Jackson, the founder of the Democrat Party (according to D'Souza).  And we are reminded tha,t by nature and in a fallen world, civil authorities, while given for a good purpose, have always fell into the trap of going beyond their purposes, and trying to control and take advantage of those under them. 

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