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Some Things Are More Important Than Climate Change

Posted: Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Are you afraid of carbon? Do you worry about the size of your "carbon footprint"? Do you lie awake at night worried about how carbon dioxide might destroy the planet? I don't.
And I'm simply amazed that so many otherwise intelligent people have been taken in by one of the biggest hoaxes in the history of the world - the notion that a naturally occurring gas, one absolutely vital to life on planet Earth, is being produced by man's activities at such levels that it threatens apocalyptic catastrophe.
It's not true. There's no evidence to support the hysteria. It's all a scam put forward by powerful people who want more control over your life and the lives of others.
It's the worst kind of superstitious nonsense. Yet, people believe it. They believe it because "scientists" say it. They believe it because they're taught to believe it in school and in college. They believe it because the media tell them to believe it. They believe it because Madison Avenue tells them to believe it. And, of course, they believe it because governments all over the world promote it because it empowers them.
Nevertheless, I tell you there is nothing to worry about with regard to your "carbon footprint."
God is not going to punish you or the world's population because of a "carbon footprint." He made the world from nothing by breathing it into existence - not by assembling or rearranging atoms and molecules, but by creating all of them from nothing.
God doesn't care about "carbon footprints." God cares about sin footprints. He didn't tell us not to exhale. He didn't tell us not to populate the planet. He told us to be abundant and multiply.
He never hinted we have anything to worry about with regard to our use of natural resources.
He made a great big planet and gave us a few key rules to live by. He told us if we followed those rules, we would have a longer and better life.
And knowing that we would not be able to keep those few simple rules, He even gave His only begotten Son as a sacrifice for those trespasses, so that we would have the chance to live eternally with Him.
Maybe that sounds like a fairy tale to some of you. I've got news for you. That's reality. "Global warming" is not. Man-made catastrophic climate change is the myth.
Your "carbon footprint" means nothing to God. It's your sin footprint that counts. Are you leaving behind a sin footprint? That's what I would concern myself with.
The Bible tells us that sin is the problem in the world. It's going to get worse before it gets better. You can see it already throughout the world. Don't concern yourself with the superstitions of men - things like "carbon footprints." Concern yourself with the priorities of your Creator - things like your sin footprint.
The nice thing about your sin footprint is that it can be erased - wiped clean, just like it never existed. Try that with a carbon footprint, which, according to the witch doctors of global warming, can be traded but never eliminated.
All you have to do to erase your sin footprint is repent in the name of God's Son who died on the cross as your substitutionary sacrifice. He rose from the dead to seal the deal. He paid your ransom. All you have to do is accept it with the sincerity of a penitent heart, and you can live forever in paradise.
It's a good deal. If you reject it, you will find out just how bad global warming can be.
So, remember, carbon-phobia will get you nowhere. But we all need to have a healthy fear of sin. That's the ultimate pollutant in this world. It's the ultimate toxin. It's the ultimate threat to your life and the lives of everyone else on planet Earth.

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