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Hypocrisy: Mexico Building Security Fence Against Guatemala

Written By: Michael Cutler  |  Posted: Monday, September 27th, 2010

How do you spell hypocrisy? I was just sent a news article and I couldn't believe what I read. I think you will find it incredible! According to the news article that appeared on the Examiner website on September 19th, the government of Mexico is now constructing its own wall to protect its southern border that separates Mexico from Guatemala! Meanwhile when Mexican President Felipe Calderon addressed our Congress several months ago, he had the chutzpah to criticize the state of Arizona for daring to deal with the immigration crisis confronting our nation- a crisis the federal government is largely responsible for ignoring and, actually exacerbating! What was even more astounding was the standing ovation Calderon received from members of the United States Congress! Do you suppose that Alvaro Colom Caballeros, the president of Guatemala will be heading to Mexico anytime soon to address the government of Mexico to decry the construction of Mexico's border fence? If he did make that journey, do you suppose any of Mexico's leaders would give him a standing ovation if he called for an open border or legal status for Guatemalans living illegally in Mexico?

Of course the members of the United States Congress who applauded Mr. Calderon's condemnation of the state of Arizona for seeking to simply enforce immigration laws to deal with the extreme violence being carried out each day in cities across that beleaguered state (and indeed across our entire nation) by criminal aliens who entered our country by running the border that is supposed to separate our nation from Mexico are not concerned about the threats to national security or the threats to community safety that our porous borders represent. They should be forced to see the videos of news reports broadcast by Atlanta-based television station WSB-TV that addresses the national security implications of our nation's open borders: Last week our nation and our citizens dodged yet another attempt by the open borders advocates in the United States Senate to foist a massive amnesty on our nation under the deceptively named, "DREAM Act." If the politicians in Washington don't understand why Americans hate the politicians they need to step back and ask themselves, how many more ways can those elected to represent average Americans betray the trust bestowed upon then by their constituents and fail to live up to their oaths of office and still hope to be re-elected? A nation's security begins at its borders. Securing the borders of a nation is not an act of bigotry but an act of commonsense- especially in this perilous era! As I have often noted, a country without secure borders can no more stand than can a house without walls!

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