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Money, Money, Money

Written By: Jeff Peterson  |  Posted: Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

I will be writing articles for The Eau Claire Journal on a regular basis on the subjects of finance, money, and the economy. I want to say from the start that I am a learner amongst learners and that in order to learn I must be willing to be taught. Many years ago (1995), I realized that although I had a degree from a respectable college and had been reading good literature for many years, I had not done my homework specifically in the area of government and finance ... so I started my journey. The first book I read in this area was life changing, "The Creature from Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin. This book opened my eyes to the most basic concepts which I had never understood. Up to this point in my life I believed that the paper notes that I used to transact business were "money"; I was wrong. I learned that money was of several different types and that if this be not understood one can be carried down a road of deception which will lead to economic ruin.

I do not want to re-teach this book, but simply want to encourage the interested to "get educated" in this area. Once upon a time in America, an entire national election to the presidency hinged on the question of who will control the nation's money and banking. This question must be revisited. We must think again about so many areas and humbly confess that we have "dropped the ball" in diligently seeking to understand. This ignorance results in our being led astray by those who want to control everyone through a false money system. Some readers know what I am talking about

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