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Emotions Affect Your Health

Written By: By Dr. Mandy Nelson, BCND, CNHP, CHS  |  Posted: Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

Ever notice how chronically happy people seem to have minimal health problems? How over-stressed people tend to have one issue after another? Most people know that stress has a negative impact on our lives yet we discount the actual impact it has on our physical health.  Thinking you can "power through" stress, that it's just a state of mind and not a state of wellbeing,  is a misconception that can eventually cause severe health issues. But it's not just stress. All  emotion has a physical connection to the body and when you understand what's affecting you, you  can start to make some amazing changes to both mind and body!

Studies show that pessimists have twice as many infectious illnesses and make twice as many visits  to the doctor as optimists. Optimists have fewer instances of bad events in his or her  life and tend to avoid having episodes of learned helplessness. Lifestyle changes over the years  have contributed to the decline of emotional health. We work more overtime, use emails and texts  as primary forms of communication, watch an average of 2-6 hours of television a day, stream our  movies and even watch church over the internet! Limited social interaction and communication with  real people causes us to miss out on the positive healing emotional experiences of friendship, love,  companionship and faith. Our happiness and self-worth become tied to "likes" and "hits" on social  media.

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