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Cooking Corner - Oatmeal Wheat Bread

Written By: Ellen Kleven  |  Posted: Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Cooking was not one of Emily Wilwerding's favorite pastimes when she was a child; it was a bit more of a chore. She really started learning how to cook when she was ten years old, and mostly out of necessity as her mother was pregnant and had some trouble with mobility. She noted, "That's probably when I really started learning how to cook myself." Although she had always assisted with small odd jobs in the kitchen, she began to take on full responsibility for recipes or even meals. She recalls first learning to knead bread dough because her mother didn't have the strength to be on her feet for that amount of time. She didn't mind all of the duties, but it was sometimes wearisome for her to follow other people's recipes and cooking styles. At that time she lacked the enjoyment of cooking that spawns from personal research, preferences, tastes, and creativity.

Emily's love for cooking has more recently developed, especially since she married Jonathan last summer. He helps make cooking more enjoyable for her, "He pretty much likes everything." She enjoys cooking for him and already seems to know his preferences pretty well. She said, "He loves meatloaf and super creamy mashed potatoes-I could probably make it twice a week!" The only thing she has found that he doesn't like so far is peas, so she tries to cook without them when he's home, even though she enjoys them. There is something wonderful about seeing people you love and care for enjoy good food that you've prepared for them.

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