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What Is Integrative Cancer Therapy?

Written By: Dr. Kevin Conners  |  Posted: Wednesday, September 26th, 2012


         First let me make one thing perfectly clear - I do not treat cancer! In truth, I don't treat anything. Cancer is a disease that sick people get; I take sick people and help them get better and sometimes the cancer, or MS, or seizures, or headaches, or Autism - goes away…I never cured it nor did I treat it. It's kind of like the farmer who had a horrible problem with rats that were infiltrating his barn from a giant trash heap near the south pasture. He would spend all afternoon sitting on his tractor with his 22-gage rifle waiting for the little buggers to present themselves and he would gun them down. Several weeks and dozens of hours 'hunting' later, he asked a young man at the feed mill if he wanted to earn some extra money sitting on his tractor shooting rats. The next day the young man paid a visit and accessed the situation. After about 15 minutes he gave the farmer a proposition, "If I can get rid of all the rats, will you pay me $100?" The farmer agreed and the young man took the farmer's tractor, dug a big hole and buried all the garbage, destroying the very environment that 'fed' and nourished the rat population. The rats were gone forever.

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