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The Chart that Tells You Where the US Economy is Heading

Written By: David Stevenson  |  Posted: Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

The United States is still by a long way the biggest single economic powerhouse on the planet. It represents almost a quarter of global GDP. American citizens account for a sixth of the world's total consumer spending. In short, it still delivers far more bang for its buck than any other country. Where it goes, we normally follow.

But working out what's really going on in the US can be pretty difficult. That's because an avalanche of statistics is churned out every day. Trying to make head or tail of these often-contradictory reports can be a complete nightmare. Fear not. I have some good news. There's one basic measure that can tell you exactly what's going on - both in the economy and on Wall Street too. Here's what it is...
The indicator that tells you where the US economy is heading

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