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Rare Wisconsin Snails Threatened by Power Line Maintenance

Written By: ECJ Staff  |  Posted: Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

        A power line running along the Wisconsin River in southern Crawford County may put two Wisconsin snails at risk according to a statement by the Department of Natural Resources. The American Transmission Company (ATC) intends to build graded pathways to seven poles for maintenance purposes along an area where a DNR biologist found and identified the wing snaggletooth and cherrystone drop snails. These species reside in the Coulee region and also in various areas throughout Wisconsin and the country. Their endangered status is due to loss of habitat due to human activity and invasive species.

        The ATC must receive permission from the DNR in order to construct or maintain its poles. The DNR will give them the permit requiring them to "minimize the impacts to the two snail species by adhering to the conservation measures". The DNR gave them permission after concluding that the project "is not likely to jeopardize the continued existence and recovery of the state population of these snails or the whole plant-animal community of which they are a part; and has benefit to the public health, safety or welfare that justifies the action."

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