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How Many Muslims are Terrorists?

Written By: Michael S. Rozeff  |  Posted: Friday, November 2nd, 2012

            I read that 23 percent of the world's population is Muslim, or 1.6 billion people. Whatever the number is, it's large. How many are terrorists out to terrorize westerners and push them out of areas they consider to be Muslim areas? How many are terrorists who attack other Muslims? How many are terrorists who attack people of other religions? One source says that Muslim attacks worldwide and against all targets, failed and successful, add up to 18,000 since 2001. This number is bound to be controversial and subject to error. If this involved 18,000 Muslims, that's a little over one-thousandth of one percent of Muslims who engaged in a terrorist or violent attempted attack or attack anywhere in the world.

            How many Muslims have American forces killed since 2001? I've found a low-end estimate for 1990 to 2009, and it's 288,000. How many of these were Muslim terrorists? I can't find a tally so far. The number is very, very small relative to 288,000. The tally for drone strikes is 2-3,000 with a high proportion being innocent people. Drone strikes produce more terrorists than they kill, according to a former CIA official.

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