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Is it the Government's Job to Provide Jobs?

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

                    We are hearing a lot today about the need for jobs. The unemployment rates are being repeated almost daily.   Presently it is around 9 ½ % but probably much higher.  Some in the know claim it is as high as 20%.  But let's stick with the lower number of ten percent.  Where should these folk find jobs?  More and more people and organizations and especially the government give the impression that the government should be taking steps to create or facilitate these jobs for the unemployed. 

                    Is it, then, the government's job to provide jobs?  Not at all.  You may be rightly asking what my basis is for such a black and white statement.  I will be honest and let the cat out of the bag.  I am a Christian and the Bible is my basis for my conclusions.  In regards to the government, the Bible is very plain concerning the state's purposes.  They are to "execute wrath on evil doers" (catch the crooks and punish them) and to praise them that do well (verbally commend any who are doing what is right and what is good)."

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