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Lose Christianity or Face Expulsion

Written By: Bob Unruh  |  Posted: Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Georgia student told to read 'gay' lit, attend 'pride parade, ' change beliefs.

We tend to not include articles about the moral and religious conflicts (prayer in school, holding Bible clubs, etc.) that occur in public institutions of schooling such as local grade schools, colleges and universities. The reason is we are convinced the discussion is being held around a minor point over the larger point. The larger being the inability and inappropriateness of the state involving itself in the education of the citizenry. Therefore we would rather talk about the need for the government to be out of the educational business period. Private education is the best and right way for it to be accomplished for several reasons. But we realize also that most reading our paper (myself included) have been raised and trained in public educational institutions, therefore there is a sentimental attachment to such institutions which we all have. Because of this state or public education is a "sacred cow." Therefore we will print from time to time articles that may help our readers begin to see what is so obvious in schools today, regardless of what some of us experienced in our schooling so many years past. Our hope is it might help our readers begin to see that the only sound way out of this increasingly unamerican and ungodly secularization of our educational institutions, thus students, is to remove our children and grandchildren from such institutions - the Editor

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