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2000 Fired-up Conservatives Rally in Wisconsin Dells

Written By: Jerry Hanson  |  Posted: Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

You are not alone! There is a ground swell of conservatives just like you in Wisconsin. Until the Tax Day Tea Parties last year, many who had thought "the people" could no longer stop their out of control government or weed-out their arrogant and elitist politicians; woke up to find themselves surrounded by an astonishing number of like minded, concerned and angry citizens determined to take their country back. Now, nearly one year later, the crowds of concerned citizens continue to grow and become more informed, organized, and affective. Every group of liberty minded individuals, whether long established, or which sprang up over night, is swelling in its ranks. This was very evident this past weekend at the Chula Vista Resort Dome in Wisconsin Dells, where nearly 2000 members of the Wisconsin chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and leaders of other grassroots organizations from throughout Wisconsin, gathered for the 3rd Annual Defending the American Dream Summit for the purpose training and to hear a numberof prominent speakers. Many attendees are John and Lori Cardoza who felt isolated as conservative Hispanics until they attended the Summit last year near Milwaukee. There they met other like minded conservatives. They found kindred spirits and continue to be encouraged saying, "In this movement, we can help get our state and country back on track. This is the sentiment of all those in attendance at this informative and encouraging event sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, a grassroots organization that started in Kansas and has grown to over one million members nationwide. There are now over 54, 000 members in Wisconsin, with expected membership to exceed 100, 000 by July 4, 2010. Just three years ago they started with just 250 members. Many of the attendees are active in their local Tea Parties, and other grassroots organizations. They want their country back. They expect and demand that their elected officials, stay within the clearly defined limits of the Constitution, cut spending, stay out of their lives and businesses, and off their property. The event began Friday evening with many prominent speakers firing up the crowd. John Fund of the Wall Street Journal said of the group, "You are the voice of the new politics in the state of Wisconsin." The crowd broke into thunderous applause and shouts when he announced that ACORN had agreed to surrender its license to operate in Ohio. The agreement was part of an out of court settlement in response to a law suit filed by the Buckeye Institute of Ohio. He called the 2500 page Healthcare bill "...the longest suicide note in American history." meaning that the supporters of the bill are committing political suicide, and will not be re-elected. Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, told the crowd that the stimulus bill could be likened to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama each dipping out a bucket of water from the Wisconsin side of Lake Michigan, and dumping the same buckets of water into the lake on the Michigan side, and then claiming they had greatly stimulated and grown the lake. Lord Christopher Monkton of Great Britain encouraged the group by pointing out that Americans for Prosperity is the second largest group in Wisconsin, second only to the teachers' union, and that by the 4th of July it will be the largest. Joe the plumber told them to get busy! "Give the candidates a job interview and then hold them accountable."

He also said that being an American requires that we get involved in the political process.
The Saturday session opened with a rousing patriotic ceremony by the Freedom Team from Maranatha College. The choir, orchestra, and ROTC began with the presentation of the colors, the national anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance. The group heard from Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal. Tim Nerenz of the Oldenburg Group, Niger Innis of the Congress of Racial Equality, Wisc. Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, Herman Cain, and Michael Reagan, to name a few. Break-out sessions were conducted to teach attendees the strategies necessary to effectively communicate their message to their respective communities and to their elected officials. Candidates for elected office were instructed in running successful campaigns, utilizing the new media and social networks. Sessions on climate change - economic suicide, healthcare, voter education, countering Alinsky's rules, and property rights. Regarding the "healthcare crisis, " Herman Cain said "We don't have a healthcare crisis, we have a healthcare cost crisis and they are not addressing it. They are not even working on it." Steve Moore said "Global warming is the greatest hoax of the century." Phil Kerpen of AFP said, "Tell your representatives to stop Obama's administration from enforcing the Cap and Tax through the EPA, and from taking over the healthcare of this country or you will hold them (Congress) accountable." Organizers were very pleased with the turnout. Attendees were greatly encouraged and vowed to get to work to defend their rights, hold their elected officials accountable, stay involved, and pursue their dreams.

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