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Does our Governor Support Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

Written By: Todd Welch  |  Posted: Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

                In the United States we are unique because we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.  What does that mean?  It means that you have a right to a trial before you should be treated like a criminal.
                Unfortunately though, it seems that some want you and I to be guilty until proven innocent.  I am talking about Governor Walker's recent comments stating that he wants "DNA on arrest" passed in the next Wisconsin budget. According to Bob Hague of the Wisconsin Radio Network:

                "The governor and attorney general are committing to 'DNA on arrest' in Wisconsin. Twenty-five states already require criminal suspects to submit DNA samples when they are booked for various serious crimes. Governor Scott Walker wants Wisconsin to do so as well. He concedes there will be 'up-front' costs for law enforcement. 'We want law enforcement agencies to be able to do this, to be able to comply with this, and ultimately to be able to help us make this work,' Walker said Monday at the state Crime Law in Madison. 'So that's our commitment to doing it in the budget, starting now, so we can account for those concerns.'"
                Oh sure, Governor Walker says that if you are proven innocent then you can ask to have your DNA removed from the file, but with government involved I am sure you can figure out how well that will work.
                A bill requiring DNA collection failed to pass in this last session, which is fantastic, but now we need to deal with Governor Walker trying to stuff it in the next budget bill.
                Why is the Governor doing this?  Is he being ill-advised?  Is he not thinking this through, or does he believe in guilty until proven innocent?
                At this point I am unsure of the answer but we MUST let the Governor know where we stand.
                I need you to call (608-266-1212) and email ( Governor Walker to tell him you will not stand for being considered guilty until proven innocent.  Tell him he MUST publicly retract his statement in support of "DNA on Arrest."
                I hope that this is just a slip up on the Governor's part because I cannot believe that at this crucial time during his recall, he would support something like this.
                Governor Walker talks a lot about standing with him but will he stand with you being innocent until proven guilty or will he continue to push for guilty until proven innocent?
                Please, will you call and email Governor Walker right now?  Will you tell him that in America you are not guilty until proven innocent?  Will you demand that he publicly retract his support of "DNA on Arrest?"
                I am making my call and sending my email right now and I hope you will do the same.
In Liberty,
Todd Welch

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