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An Example of "Distributing the Wealth"

Written By: William Finnigan  |  Posted: Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

            Most of us remember President Obama's remarks to "Joe the Plumber," during the 2008 campaign in Ohio. Joe, whose real name is Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, asked the then-Democratic candidate about his small business tax policy. Mr. Obama gave a response that included the statement, "when you spread your wealth around, it's good for everybody." These words didn't settle well with Joe, who took them as Mr. Obama's intent to implement a socialistic economy, including the redistribution of wealth; i.e. the haves must give to the have-nots.

            In other words, those who work and prosper should be taxed sufficiently so those who don't work can be supported by the government. Joe's "business" was not only to make a living for his family, but to share his wealth with others. Certainly that's a commendable practice, but should never be dictated or controlled by the government. In America, businessmen like Joe have always been free to contribute to charitable groups and needy individuals. That's the way this country was built, especially before the New Deal welfare system under Franklin D. Roosevelt; even that system, resulting from the "great depression" of 1929, was not just a "hand out," but a "hand up." Meaningful employment was set in place, like the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC), to foster work responsibility and discourage laziness. That program ended during World War II ('42-'43).

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