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Ten Reasons Why I Believe the Bible is the Word of God: Part Nine

Posted: Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

My ninth reason for believing the Bible to be the Word of God is because of the fact that as I grow in wisdom and in character, as I grow in knowledge and holiness, AS I GROW TOWARD GOD, I GROW TOWARD THE BIBLE. In other words, the nearer I get to God the nearer I get to the Bible. When I first began the real study of the Bible I had the same experience with the Bible that every other thoughtful student has in the beginning of his studies. I found in the Bible many things that were not not only difficult to understand but difficult to believe. I found things that seemed absolutelly incredible. I found some things in the Bible that seemed to flatly contradict other things in the Bible and if the one were true, how could the other possibly be true? But as I went on studying my Bible, as I went on growing in wisdom and especially growing in character, I found my difficulties disappearing, ever more and more rapidly disappearing, first by ones, then by twos, then by tens, then by scores, disappearing, disappearing, ever more and more rapidly disappearing. I found that the nearer I got to God the nearer I got to the Bible, the nearer I got to God the nearer I got to the Bible. Now what is the inevitable mathematical conclusion; two lines always converging as they draw toward a given point will meet when they reach that point. The nearer I get to God the nearer I get to the Bible; the nearer I get to God the nearer I get to the Bible; when God and I meet, I and the Bible will meet, that is to say, the Bible was written from God's standpoint. There is no escaping this conclusion. There is also proof positive that the Bible has God for its real author.

When I was lecturing in England, some of the advocates of the vague and shadowy theology so highly esteemed in some quarters, objected in the public press to my "Putting theological truth with the exactness of mathematical propositions." but why should I not? I am not to blame for having a mathematical mind, I was born with it. I took all my highest standing in the university on mathematics, and I love clearness and definiteness of statement about God and spiritual things just as I love clearness and definiteness of statement in every other line of research. I like moonshine in nature, but I delight in sunshine in the realm of thought. And it is a noteworthy fact that among the men of science the mathematicians are the most likely to be believers in the Bible. Do you know why that is? Because mathematics is the only exact science and the Bible is the only exact Book.

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