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Hungary's Pro-Life Constitution Draws Ire

Written By: Raven Clabough  |  Posted: Friday, July 1st, 2011

            As pro-life efforts in the United States have been gaining momentum, similar endeavors have garnered some success in European nations as well, most notably Hungary. Though 60 percent of Hungarians favor legalized abortion, the country's new constitution adamantly defends the sanctity of life. The constitution passed the Hungarian Parliament without issue. As the debate over its ratification is taking place, however, the pro-life stance of the draft (particularly the wording in Article Two: "The life of a fetus will be protected from conception") has drawn fire from certain European institutions and the pro-abortion lobby which may interfere with its approval.

            The Center for Reproductive Rights and Amnesty International are both campaigning against this particular provision, asserting that the constitution will restrict access to abortions. Also,the Venice Commission for the Council for Europe is asking to review the constitution.

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