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Township Board of Review Rebuffs Taxpayer's Challenge

Written By: Jerry Hanson  |  Posted: Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

            Lafayette Township Board of Review voted to uphold their assessor's reevaluation of  the Allen and Linda Bateman property. At a court ordered Board of Review on Monday, March 21, Linda Bateman presented additional testimony and evidence that her property tax assessment conducted in 2009 by the newly hired Bomar Appraisal Inc., was excessive. In her attempt to convince the Lafayette Township Board of Review, Linda hired Tim Williams of JC Norby & Associates, an independent appraiser, to get a fair market value of her property. Mr. Williams upraised Linda's property at $275,000. This is a fair market value. The tax assessment would be less than $275,000, but the township's tax assessment of $319,000 is, as you can see, much higher.

            The major discrepancy between the two appraisals centered around the horse arena on the Bateman property.  Though the arena has never been used for commercial purposes, the current assessor classified the arena and 2 acres of the Bateman property as commercial. Linda maintains that the arena and the 2 acres should remain classified as agricultural. The current assessor valued the arena at $224,000 less depreciation, which left a value of the arena for tax assessment purposes at $153,000. The fair market appraisal of the arena provided by JC Norby and Associates,was after depreciation, $50,000. The actual cost to build the arena in 2001 was only $112,000. You can see why the Batemans are contesting the current tax assessment.

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