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Posted: Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Matthew 9:2 "...Son, be of good cheer; thy sins be forgiven thee."

Forgiveness is a wonderful thing. It means a man or woman is freed from the debt they owe for wrong they have done. It means guilt is no longer necessary. It means our relationship with the wronged has been restored. Are not lives filled with the need of forgiveness? We are ever doing wrong to those around us. Pride, backbiting, selfishness, adultery, unkindness, deceit, etc. are constantly done to one another. And how great are our sins against almighty God?! The reason so many of you have troubled consciences, remorse, and guilt over wrong you have and are doing is you need forgiveness. And the only basis upon which you can be forgiven is the blood of Jesus Christ. Thus ONLY the believer can truly have forgiveness of sins. Only the believer can be of good cheer in his conscience because he is freed from all the consequences of his sin. Reader, would you like the removal of all guilt and remorse from your mind? Would you like to be freed from the many sinful deeds in your life-some from many years ago? Then the blood of Jesus Christ can do just that. O what a joy to know that my sins are forgiven! O what a joy to look the world in the eye with a clear conscience absent of all guilt! And O that you would experience forgiveness this very day!

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