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How to Stay Warm Outside in Winter

Written By: Off The Grid News  |  Posted: Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

                It was first light in January, and we were unloading snowmobiles at the caretaker's house at the Taylor Park Dam in Colorado. We were almost ready to fire up the sleds when the caretaker came out and asked, "Do you guys realize it's sixty-one below?" I thought it seemed a little chillier than normal.

                I grew up in one of the coldest places in the lower forty-eight and have spent most of that time trying to stay warm. I made lots of mistakes, and I discovered a few things along the way. After I moved to the Midwest, I learned a few more things about staying warm. I can get colder at thirty degrees standing waiting for a whitetail to show up than I did at ten below hunting coyotes. Humidity is a big factor in staying warm, along with how much exertion you are putting into your outdoor activity.

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