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America's Current Civil War

Written By: Karen Schroeder - Advocates for Academic Freedom  |  Posted: Thursday, January 5th, 2012

            Curriculums for social studies classes in public schools during the 1950s encouraged American students to respect their country, to be good citizens, and to excel academically to become productive members of this great country. By 1960, social studies curriculums began to reflect a re-writing of American history and seldom encouraged citizens to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. The social studies standards presented in 2011 encourage children to criticize our governmental and social institutions and become activists for change. Currently these standards are suggestions. Each school district may write its own standards. Citizens must change the way social studies is presented in classrooms if we wish to preserve our republic.

            During the 1950s, American students understood that America is a republic, a superior form of government which proclaims that certain rights are inalienable, given by God, and that Americans are ruled by laws of God-not man. This republic has been the only government in the history of mankind that, when properly implemented, guaranteed equal opportunity and justice for all. The success of the American republic has been seen in the achievements and level of happiness enjoyed by its citizens. Our republic allows mankind to rise above human flaws and is worthy of great respect.

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