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President Obama: Socialist or Fascist?

Written By: Attorney Jonathan Emord  |  Posted: Monday, June 6th, 2011

            President Obama's government depends on the merger of big government and large industry through a classic quid pro quo. In exchange for industry leaders ceding to the government control over critical aspects of their business, the government erects anti-competitive regulatory barriers to market entry, thus giving the industry leaders above-market rates of return. The deal works well for the government and big industry but harms all others.

            The President's health reform law forces all Americans to buy health insurance, causing the insurance industry to experience an enormous windfall, adding upwards of forty million people to the ranks of the insured. In exchange for that massive increase in revenue, the government expects health insurers to offer qualified plans approved by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. In short, the government has bribed the industry into a cooperative relationship. Small insurance firms stand to lose out because they will not be able to afford compliance with all of the regulatory strictures that will be imposed and this too will benefit the larger firms.

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