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The Red Word - Part One -

Written By: T. DeWitt Talmadge  |  Posted: Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

"The blood of Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin."(1 John 1:7)

            Eighteen centuries ago there lived one Jesus. Publius Lentulus, In a letter in the Roman Senate, Describes His as " a man of stature somewhat tall; His hair the color of a chestnut fully ripe, plain to the ears, whence downward it is more orient, curling and waving about the shoulders; in the midst of his forehead is a stream, or partition of his hair; forehead plain and very delicate; His face without spot of wrinkle, a lovely red; His nose and mouth so forked as nothing can be represented; His beard thick, in color like his hair-not very long; His eyes gray, quick and clear." He must die. The French army in Italy found a brass plate on which was a copy of his death warrant, signed by John Zorobabel, Raphale Robani, Daniel Robani, and Capet.

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