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Basic Safety Tips for Women

Written By: Off the Grid News  |  Posted: Thursday, March 1st, 2012

            As a husband and father, obviously it has been of great importance to me to keep my wife and children safe - even above my own personal safety. I know the husbands and fathers reading this now can definitely relate. You know without question that you would lay your own life down for those you love the most in this world. But I also know that I cannot be with my wife and my children every second of every day. My wife is with our four children almost all of the time, and so it is critical to ensure my wife can defend herself and our children if needed.

            This can look like a lot of different things depending on what you and your wife feel comfortable with. My wife is an avid shooter, so we have implemented firearms into our personal protection plan. As a part of this, I like to take my wife out shooting on a monthly basis so we can go over her shooting technique as well as make sure she is proficient using each of the firearms in our home. In my opinion, it is critical that if you are going to provide your wife with a handgun, you should also provide her the training on how to use it. If you don't provide her the training - or in some situations, she doesn't want the training - then this can potentially create a situation that is even more dangerous if your wife were to ever be attacked.

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