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Tides Of Eternity Rising

Written By: Talmage  |  Posted: Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

A gentleman wandering along on the beach of Scotland, where the high rocks came near the sea, was unmindful of the fact that the tide was rising, which would cut off his retreat.

A man on the top of the rocks shouted, "Hallo! The tide is rising, and this is the last place through which you can make your escape; you had better climb up on to the rocks." The man laughed at the warning and went on. After awhile he thought it was time to return; he came back and found retreat cut off. He tried to scale the rocks: he clambered half way up --- could get no further. The wave came to his feet, came to his waist, came to his chin, and with a wild shriek for help he perished. Oh brother, the tides of eternity are rising. Those who will be saved who get on the Rock of Ages.

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