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Should the Government Force Us to Eat Local Organic Food (Instead of Corn-Based Fast Food)?

Written By: Paul Schwennesen  |  Posted: Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

            If you were to believe the mythology du jour, McDonald's is nearing the final phase of its diabolical plan to capture the hearts and minds of you and your children.  That goofy-looking clown (smiles on the outside, atherosclerosis inside) is throwing a desperate hail-Mary pass to his bulbous purple sidekick, hoping to score one for trans fat.  And McDonald's isn't alone: The entire French-fry-industrial complex is working its shadowy marketing magic, cunningly seducing us out of a responsible diet.  Giga-gallons of irresistible soda, laced with high fructose corn syrup, are washing down scads of industrial corn-fed meat tainted with the sweat of exploited labor.

            Luckily for you an intrepid band of investigative journalists has "lifted the veil" on all this disgusting manipulation, demonstrating the perverse nature of our Fast Food Nation.  Obesity, type-II diabetes, maybe even adolescent acne will be safely regulated away by a new breed of urban intellectuals vigilantly managing the food system.  Schools will serve nothing but organic, all-local cafeteria fare.  Whataburger will submit its marketing schemes to a nutrition board to determine if it is subliminally alluring.  Prices for "good" food will be made "affordable" through a judicious system of health-care subsidies.

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