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What's the Big Deal with Fiber Anyway?

Written By: Kayleen Soden  |  Posted: Friday, November 2nd, 2012

            In the last few years there has been a lot of hype about fiber consumption. Even the ADA has been recommending Americans consume more of it. They push fiber containing foods such as fruits, vegetables, and oatmeal. Why is fiber important? "Populations that consume more dietary fiber have less chronic disease"-taken from Volume 108, Issue 10 of the ADA health publication. The ADA recommends adult men consume 38g/day and adult women 25g/day. Cut this in half for your children under 100lbs. More information from the ADA can be found at www.eatright.com.

            The way I eat includes having fiber at least three times per day. I have many health concerns and am on a pretty restricted diet per my nutritionist. I still have a long way to go but have come a long way as well. It is not always easy to be and eat healthy. I find that there are many common misconceptions that hinder people from sticking with it. One of those common misconceptions is: "Even though I know I would feel better physically, eating healthy is just no fun." Another is: "It's too hard, I find that I 'go for the gold' and give up part way through." Yet another: "I just can't deny myself something I want. That's just not being true to myself." All of these can be overcome for the sake of good health. Options need to be weighed. For me it took a long time. I made slow changes but I was hurting. Can you relate to any of this? I was frequently tired, found myself having "brain fog" (difficulty thinking), general aches and pains, a little anxiety and depression; I would toss and turn at night, dreaming all night of what I hadn't accomplished that day, and on.

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