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A Day before Divorce: Just in Time

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Monday, March 5th, 2012

                For the sake of privacy, I will use first names only, although it is doubtful if Jeff and Brook would mind me using their names.  We crossed paths in seminary about thirty five years ago.  In fact, for a single man at the time, their open home was a constant treat.  They even threw an engagement party for my wife and me.  So with fondness I am relating the following true story about them.

                Jeff and Brook were married - barely.  He was a U. S. Marine finished with his duty.  Now married for a brief time, his and Brook's marriage headed down hill.  It was soon to be over.  Like so many in their (and my) generation, divorce came easily and soon it seemed.  At least in our day we got married, for whatever that was worth.  Divorce rates in the 1970's were escalating though.  Into this statistic Jeff and Brook were soon to be.

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