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Paul Wins LA, Police Injure Supporter's Hip

Written By: Thomas R. Eddlem - The New American  |  Posted: Sunday, May 27th, 2012

From The New American.

A Ron Paul supporter was arrested and emerged with broken fingers and another was reportedly given a dislocated hip after a June 2 Louisiana Republican convention split into two groups. According to Hamdan Azhar at, the majority convention backed Paul, and the Texas Congressman will send 27 of 46 Louisiana delegates to the Republican national convention this summer in Tampa. However, GOP establishment forces, who constituted a minority of the delegates in attendance, pledged to send a different, less Paul-friendly delegation to Tampa despite opposition by local Romney campaign officials. 

Paul supporter Henry Herford, Jr. was arrested by police after the convention voted to make him chairman and oust the establishment-appointed chairman, and in the process of his arrest Herford's hip was reportedly dislocated. Also, Rules Committee Chairman Alex Helwig, another Paul supporter, was arrested by police. Helwig returned to the convention with broken fingers and walking with the aid of a cane after a brief police custody. 

According to Paul campaign sources, state convention delegates supporting Ron Paul balked at new Louisiana convention rules that allowed campaigns to pick delegates rather than the state convention and then voted out the establishment-picked chairman with a majority of the delegates. 

GOP officials had been prompted to change the rules because of warnings from former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum's presidential campaign, which complained of "delegate stealing" in a communication with the Louisiana state GOP after the Paul campaign out-organized the other candidates in other state conventions. "We just tightened up the rules. We made it more responsible so that delegates for those candidates would be elected," Minority Convention Credential Committee Chairman Jeff Giles told KTBS, the ABC-TV affiliate in Shreveport, Louisiana. "Instead of Ron Paul people posing as supporters of those candidates."

Ironically, rule changes had been made by many state Republican organizations in 2010 and 2011 to allow runaway conventions to benefit the Romney campaign in case the establishment-favored candidate lost too many primaries and caucuses. Even more ironically, local Romney campaign officials openly backed the Paul campaign's control of the majority convention and received enthusiastic praise from Paul campaign officials. Ron Paul campaign chairman John Tate thanked Romney campaign officials for ensuring that all Paul delegates elected in the Paul majority convention would be seated in the Tampa GOP national convention

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