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Harry Reid: Friend or Foe of the 2nd Amendment?

Written By: the ECJ staff  |  Posted: Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Democratic senate Majority Leader Harry Reid could possibly receive endorsement from the National Rifle Association. Senator Reid has spent $100, 000 on ad campaigns to convince the people of Nevada of his "lifelong love of guns" and he personally earmarked $61 million for the opening of a 2, 900 acre shooting range park, earning him high NRA ratings and respect. But is Reid really a "champion of Second Amendment rights" as Wayne LaPierre, chief executive officer of the NRA claims he is? Republican opponent Sharon Angle claims "Reid both voted for every anti-gun nominee Obama has put up and voted for the Brady Bill, the assault weapons ban, etc."

So why would the NRA be attracted to a senator with such a record? Did Reid buy NRA endorsement with his $61 million in pork spending or is there political motives behind the NRA's actions? Some conjecture that if Reid loses, the next Senate Majority Leader will be fierce gun-control advocates like Illinois Senator Dick Durbin or New York Senator Chuck Schumer. The NRA is not denying this line of reasoning but says it will hold off any endorsement until the end of the year. NRA endorsement of Reid could be very destructive to Republicans who were hoping to use the Nevada senator seat to cut into the Democrats 59-seat majority. Many gun rights advocates feel that the NRA endorsement would be evidence that the NRA is not the protector of the 2nd Amendment it claims to be but is "a pale, commercial version" of other Gun rights groups.

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