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Breast Cancer Reduced: How? Answer: No Abortions and Having Childlren

Written By: Karen Malec  |  Posted: Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Brent Rooney, Research Director at the Vancouver-based Reduce Pre-term Risk Coalition, has offered his commentary on the recently published collaborative review of abortion-breast cancer research in the British journal Lancet last week. He compared those findings with very different findings reported in an earlier review in the same journal less than two years ago. That paper reported significant, risk-reducing benefits of childbearing and breast feeding. The author, Valerie Beral, said that breast cancer rates could be reduced by more than half if women start having more children and breast feeding them longer.

Childbearing is the most effective way of reducing breast cancer risk because it's the only event that matures a woman's breast cells into cancer-resistant, milk-producing tissue. That's why epidemiologists have found that the earlier a woman has a first full term pregnancy, the lower her lifetime risk is for the disease. There is universal agreement on this within the scientific community. It's apparent that opponents of the abortion- breast cancer link are dishonest. They can't bring themselves to admit that induced abortion causes women to delay their first full term pregnancies, have smaller families, lose the benefit of breast feeding and, in some cases, remain childless forever. Nevertheless, it's unquestionable that abortion has dramatically changed women's childbearing patterns and resulted in an increase in breast cancer cases.

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