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Are Local Newspapers Liberal?

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Friday, December 14th, 2012

Old Press RoomIt has been observed that the number one reason local sources of news, newspapers included, are purchased is to read the local news.  The second reason is to get the coupons.

My guess is, while this is true, the average purchasers and readers of local newspapers also buy them to read the news beyond what is local.  Just as many tune into the Bill O'Reillys and Hannitys and Rush Limbaughs, they likewise read their local newspapers to see what they have to say about national and world events.

So it becomes important to know what local newspapers contain, especially regarding news in the sense we think of it.  This would be news that is important and serious as well as from time to time (so rare) good examples of wholesome events.  Why so? Because they inform the minds of the readers.  They, in fact, more than inform the readers minds, they transform them into thinking what they read is true, therefore what the state of affairs really is.

Is it true, then, that local newspapers are objective, giving us only the facts?  Allow me to quote a reader connoisseur, Dr. Robert Duncan Culver.  He is an academician to put it mildly, having taught at a graduate level for many years as well as having authored many books with notable success.  At the age of ninety five he has not slowed down in regards to his interest in this area.  He notes the Wall Street Journal as the best newspaper in the world.

Dr. Culver said, to put it succinctly, "Every local newspaper is liberal."  This quite a statement, but I am afraid an honest analysis of the content of local newspapers would support his conclusion.

My response was, in light of his conclusion, that local newspapers did not inform the mind, rather they deform it.  They cause the reader to think in a detrimental way.   The illustrations are many.  Most would have seen this in how during the past election; third party candidates were barely noticed.  Watch how there is the assumption in them that aborticide and homosexuality as well as adultery are acceptable.  Education is seen and promoted through the eyes of the state. The state is seen and promoted as the answer.  There is virtually no evidence in reading their average articles that they are theistic or God-centered in any way. Often news gives details that should not be printed.  "It is a shame to speak of those things..." the Bible states.

Let this then be a lesson to each of you reading.  Do not read and depend on your local news to be objective.  It is not objective.  It is no doubt in general exactly what our elderly and wise observer said it was - liberal; as in not conservative and not good.

              Dan Stanley is an owner and contributing editor of The US Journal.  Email:

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