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God is Love

Written By: Frank Moore  |  Posted: Monday, September 27th, 2010

As I see the tinted mountains
Towering to great heights above,
I can see the God of beauty
With His hand let down in love.
He could have made the whole earth barren
Like a desert land so dry;
Yet, He covered them with beauty
To make them pleasing to the eye.
He gave us flowers in many colors
With their blooms to grace our land;
He gave us birds to sing their medley
Feeding them with His dear hand.
He gave us oceans, lakes and rivers
To reflect the skies above;
Standing by we see His image
And should thank Him for His love.
He gave each snow flake its own pattern
Not a one of them alike;
One by one they flutter downward
Till the earth is pure and white.
He gave the moon to rule the evening
And the sun to rule the day.
They have taken turns of shining,
Since that great creation day.

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