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Phishing Season - Don't Get Hooked!

Written By: Maria Herbert  |  Posted: Thursday, February 9th, 2012

A long-time client and friend recently sent me a distressing email. While on vacation with family in Madrid, Spain, he was mugged in an alley at knife point and robbed of his cell phone, credit cards and cash. He said, though the knife was held for several minutes at his throat, no one was hurt and they reported it to the police. They were able to cancel their credit cards but he needed help clearing out his hotel bills. All he needed right now was $2250.

If you could have read the whole letter, you would have realized it was not your typical scam spam email. This truly seemed an email of distress from a friend overseas. Everything was spelled correctly, it was grammatically correct, the signature had the right name, business name, address, BUT I noticed the area code wasn't right. I found the area code to call was actually in Iowa, not Minnesota where he's from.

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